Guesthouse Sivakka 1 person room with full board


The Inn Sivakka
Resort Seita Guesthouse was converted to its current use in the 1950s and 1960s. At the time, the spacious room and good sound secretion were unknown concepts, and joys and sorrows were common. Time has passed and the level of demands has risen. However, there are still those who cherish old traditions. The inn is also an affordable option for solo vacationers and often solo vacationers will find a new travel companion in Sivakka. Today, the inn Sivakka has been updated to match the hostel level. The inn offers a room at an affordable price and the same services as elsewhere in the Holiday Resort Seita. Breakfast and dinner are served at Seita hotel's restaurant, which is located in the same courtyard, about a 100-meter walk from Sivakka.

Today, the Sivakka inn has been updated to meet modern standards. The inn offers a warm room at an affordable price and the same services as elsewhere in the Seita Holiday Resort.

The inn has 10 rooms and a total of 25 beds
Common WCs upstairs and downstairs
Downstairs features a large lounge, a TV, a kitchen and pool table
Upstairs features a small lounge area, a TV and a minikitchen
Drying room and cabinet for clothes

An ideal basecamp for school trips and for other small groups. The common room is well suited for teaching and meetings.

Our full-service includes lappish breakfast, where you can create your own snack for the trip, and have drinks to your 0,5l bottle, delicious 3-course lunch and sauna/swimming option for everyday. Accommodation with breakfast includes only breakfast. Guests are also free to use ski-service room, storage room and sledges. Also Wifi is found everywhere. Hotel lobby has little library & computer. We keep rights to change the price.

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